#RTXAU is happening!

So in support of Rooster Teeth i successfully applied to be a guardian, this is my story.

Thursday Recon run:

  The main hall before it is populated with things and stuff!

Black smith area aka old rail yard  


Setup day!!!!

Got in to the convention area nice and early to make sure I got parking and scope out the area again then headed into the halls. 


The badge assembly begins!


And this happened……


A nice shade of blue!


Main stage setup continues


As part of the tech team we needed to setup 20+ computers for the main stage and the origin booth


I think it turned out pretty awesome!

I had to continue testing long into the night 😉



On to the madness! 

Saturday! Holy shit! 

Well Saturday was rather busy! With the heat and omfg volume of people it was a damn big game

I’m in charge of tech at the Monty Memorial where anyone can leave w message on the giant digital canvas. 

These guys are the best! Center stage fun

Almost the end of the day and time for Fun House. From boomerangs being thrown into the crowd to CDs shattered into the stage they were fun.

We ended the day as enforcers or human shields so the “talent” could get through to their busses quickly.

I Kew I was tired but yikes. Double a normal day!

The crew!

Back home. Shower. Pain killers. Rest!

I drank close to 6 litres or water so not as dead as I could be! 

My loot!

Bring ok Sunday!!
Here comes Sunday!

Funny moments of the day

My job was to over see the memorial. This is what it looked like mid afternoon

Hanging back stage was some of the best fun in a long time. 

Joel you are a maniac!


Fun house are funny guys!

Being part of the tech team meant I had a hand in setting up the main stage. Then watching the people you see on YouTube or the RT site on your own screen. Amazing. 

Gus. You and the RT community made this weekend such w please to be part of. I am looking forward to being part of this again some time.

See you later!


This time of the year again!

Well, its been a good time off after WTAC last year. I took a long needed break, but will be back snapping away very shortly!

In other news, i have been approved for Media Access yet again for WTAC 2014 YAY!

I also have a huge writeup coming up soon about the ISMR Race car…. i dropped a few images already on my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/mpndigital jump over and have a look!

I will be warming back up shortly with some small events to get back into the swing of things so keep an eye out on the site and the facebook page.

Until then.


1382343_689657794380063_1830396381_nWell….World Time Attack is coming up VERY soon! (October 18-19)

I will be there from Thursday (practice) to Saturday night.

Will be a HUGE weekend, fingers crossed my body doesn’t fall apart as it has done the previous 2 years!

This year i have also changed it up a little, updated gear, and possibly working with some big names…. stay tuned to the site and my Facebook page for updates leading up to, and of the days.

This year i will be pushing my most favourite images to the Facebook page and then hosting the rest of the images here. If you are looking for a print, feel free to contact me via the site or on the Facebook page.

8 Days to go!