Media access for tracks, how do i go about it?

Are you a photographer who loves shooting events, but you want to get closer to the action? This was me years ago, i saw others with their high vis vests shooting right up near drift cars, getting amazing shots that i just could’nt get from behind the fence or grand stands.

So i asked. I messaged the organizers, i looked up the event details and reached out. Its that easy. Smaller events are run but you and me. Normal people, not huge companies with big teams, its small groups of normal people who love having photographers come to their event and post their work. You help promote the event, in return for better access to the track.

Bigger events have a process most of the time. Example is World Time Attack Challenge. They have an official approval and review process that will look at your content, where you post to and so on. They want to ensure the media reps they have will give the best coverage for their event. If you want to shoot these events, build your portfolio. Shoot everything. Get your name out there. Go to as many events as you can.

Don’t be afraid to ask. Don’t be upset if you are told no. Don’t be afraid to ask why. If you don’t, you wont learn.

Just get out and shoot!

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